Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art Journaling-- a Red Book of One's Own continues

Free to Be (Kim)
 These Art Journals are inspired by CG Jung's Red Book -- each one is an individual expression of soul, each student's personal 'red book' expressing her own myth.  Their stories unfold in shape and color;  images of the magic wand and elephant, bicycle through the sky;  an "Open Your Heart Book" with La Virgencita; creating and leading from the heart center, allowing the childhood memory of playfulness to lead the way, much as Jung described in Memories, Dreams, Reflections...the way to begin, Just Play!  This is the way in, so often, through the child....
La Pasionada (Ann)

seeking Passion in all things
Elephant Guide (Karla)

Laugh your way into an open heart (Sal)
Let the 
with the 
clarity of the 
intuitive compassion 
guiding the thoughtful 
laugh your way in
elephant guides
bicycle rides
little box
girl and the dinosaur emerging

with love and curiosity
for what is next
and what is now

here we go

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