Friday, August 31, 2012

Saludos on this Blue Moon evening: time of transformation, winnowing the harvest, riding the wave ....bendiciones...blessings...blessings....

Friends of the Red Book, our group must have been truly inspired by watching Cronenberg: In our last sessions we embodied Jung's writing by reading the dialogues aloud--hmmm maybe a new playreaders of a sort for San Miguel de Allende? I am beginning to imagine
We read the encounter with Elijah and his blind daughter Salome; I won't spoil the plot, there is a big surprise!

And now, our upcoming wonderful guest artist/teacher Ina Armstrong will be presenting an introduction to Soul Collage (registered trademark but I don't know how to make the little "R" circle thingy)...Ina has great experience teaching; This creative all-day workshop will take place in San Miguel de Allende on Friday September 14th at Windows to the Soul Art Studios....check out her webpage for delicious info about Soul Collage... 

Ina's home page has great enticing photos with a short video by the Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage, who I had the privilege of seeing at an Art Therapy Conference in 2001. SoulCollage is a process for accessing your intuition through creating your own "deck of soul cards"....Join us in San Miguel! contact me for registration, pricing, directions to the studio; and you can contact Ina with any questions about the process, method, and history of this wonderful modality... 
here is Ina's bio info; I am honored to have her visit the studio again from West Virginia; Bienvenida Ina!

Cheers Lovers of Soul!

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