Monday, August 31, 2009

Agua de la Vida, sostename (Water of Life, Sustain Me) Lago Zirahuen, Michoacan

First day. My dream is to create a vitual space for my art, art classes, and work in the healing arts--art therapy, psychotherapy and spiritual quests, sandtray attract conversation, to invite students, and to learn more about myself in the world. This modern world full of ancient clues and symbols. I live in Mexico and it often feels like time is parallel here, centuries run alongside one another. It feeds my art, nourishes my soul...

"Windows to the Soul" is about looking in, through, beyond. The Windows are day-long art workshops with nichos or Mexican tin boxes. Students forage through my collection to create a unique assemblage. Paint, glue, collage--shells, sticks, stones. Pewter Milagros.

I also teach art classes for young children. They keep me connected with Life Itself. What fun to be the server of paint. I just listen to what color they want. They create "secret boxes", little wood treasure holders.

My work as a therapist connects me deeply with a river of grace. It keeps me grateful.

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